Saturday, April 30, 2016


When you first come to Ironwood, they give you a flashlight.

That's a very good thing.

This is creepy done very well.
(click on photos to see full size - SLurl at bottom of post)

I couldn't figure out why I kept hearing eerie children's laughter... until I turned on my flashlight..... she was dancing around me in circles... until she disappeared....

Can you hear the whiny, scraping sounds of the Ferris wheel carts swaying in the breeze from the storm.... and the rumbling thunder....?

Because of what I'd already seen here, I hesitated to look inside the carriage... but inside I was shocked to find....

Maybe the abandoned Ironwoom Asylum wasn't the best place to get in out of the rain....

... the scream I heard definitely came from this room... right before my flashlight died....


  1. This does look like a very cool sim to check out, thank you for sharing! <3 etisa

  2. My kinda place